Writing with Pen
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The Rough and the Smooth

A Nazi soldier takes pity on two young Jewish boys, helps them escape a concentration camp and absconds with them. The result is that they are constantly being chased by the Nazis and the camp commander, who vows to punish the Nazi traitor.


In the Valley of the Braves

A teenager in Compton is forced to join a gang against his will, and takes part in a crime that he wanted nothing to do with. He and the gang are arrested and a series of events lead to his being allowed to serve his sentence in a Montana ranch, run by a man who wants to give boys a second chance at life. The teenager adapts to the harsh work in the ranch but still has to deal with his past.


Children's Stories

The Rock and the River

A rock falls from his mountain perch and rolls into a river. He is distraught because he misses being with his fellow rocks on the mountain. The river is a whole other environment! But with the help of a wise fish, he finds peace in the river. Later, he is picked up by a young boy who takes him to his house. The rock tries to help other rocks escape, but faces some rocky issues!

Novels and Novellas


A boy with multiple sclerosis discovers what life is about when a group of neighborhood boys decide to befriend him and take him on some wild adventures! He lives longer than the doctors said he would, thanks to his new friends, who show him that life goes on, even with a disease. 

The Many Sounds of Silence

A young boy loses his hearing and has to deal with the cruel treatment that people inflict on him, because they do not understand what it is like to go deaf. The boy, determined to live his life among hearing people instead of joining deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, learns what it is like to experience discrimination amidst the love and caring of some friends and family members.


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