Writing Samples

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JORGE (50) AND NICOLAS (NICKY) BRAVO (12), father and son of Mexican descent, are walking away from a park. As they round a corner, a gang, Los Monstruos, is hanging out at some basketball courts. A black car screeches around the corner and the gang all disperse. Jorge picks up Nicky and runs with him toward a parked car. Gunshots erupt from the black car and Jorge goes down.


                                                 Papi! Papi!!

Nicky tries embracing his father and is shocked by blood on his hands. Suddenly Jorge grabs Nicky by the shirt lapels, and gasps:

                                            JORGE (GASPING)

Son, remember this! Do right by your mother and sister, study hard, be a good man!

Jorge dies. Nicky bawls and hugs his dad.

In the Valley of the Braves


In a small clinic, Roberto Sancho was born. The doctor who assisted with the birth took one look at the baby, and his face said it all. His parents inquired what was wrong, and the doctor said he didn’t exactly know, and tests would have to be performed to find out.

After the tests were done, the child was diagnosed with a nerve disease. The doctor surmised it could be multiple sclerosis. He informed the parents that their baby would never be “normal” and would require round-the-clock care for many years.

The father’s mother, Adela, was present when the doctor spoke to the parents. After the doctor left the room, the parents squabbled about how they were going to raise a sick child, and finally decided to give him up for adoption. But Adela would not hear of it.

“He is my grandson, and I will raise him, then! I never want to see the two of you, ever again!” she admonished.

The River and the Rock

Rocky, the mountain rock was happy on this day. He was surrounded by his fellow rocks and was firmly stuck into the top of his mountain. What else could a rock want? He spent the days talking and laughing with all the other rocks. You could say that he had a nice rocky relationship with them!

But one day a storm came and changed Rocky's life. The strong rain loosened the mud holding Rocky to his mountain. He began to slip off and tried to hold on!

"Oh, no!" Rocky exclaimed. "I've got to try and hold on to my mountain!"

But, try as he might, Rocky couldn't hold on. He fell off the mountain and rolled and rolled.... and ROLLED down the mountain!

"Yikes!" Rocky exclaimed as he rolled and rolled and rolled down the mountain. "I don't like this at all! Heeeellllpppppp! Guuuyyyys!"

The other rocks watched with despair as their buddy rolled down the mountain. There was nothing they could do!

Rocky finally rolled into a shallow area in the river below the mountain. As he lay in the water, he felt strange. This place was certainly different! He looked around and saw other rocks, but they were all mostly smooth, and there was a lot of dirt and algae and some grass being swirled around by the water.

"Hey!" Rocky called out to the other rocks in the river. "Hey, how do I get back to my mountain?”

None of the other rocks responded. As a matter of fact, they weren't very friendly! Rocky began to worry.

He tried to move, but couldn’t.

Later that day, a human boy came to the river’s edge. He began picking up rocks and throwing them all over the place. Rocky called out to him.

“Hey kid! Pick me up and throw me back on my mountain!”

The boy ignored Rocky and picked up other rocks. Rocky desperately tried to get the boy to notice him. He tried to shuffle himself so the light from the sun and water would bounce off him and attract the boy’s attention.

Finally, the boy noticed Rocky, and picked him up! The boy cocked his arm back and threw Rocky as far as he could toward the mountain.

“Wheeeeee!” yelled Rocky, as he flew through the air. “I’m going back home!”

Rocky lodged into a soft part of the mountain and stuck himself as hard as he could into the mud.

“Hey guys!” Rocky yelled. “I’m baaaack!”

“Hey Rockyyyy!” the rocks yelled back.

So while Rocky wasn’t in the same place he was before, at least he was back in his mountain home and his rocky friends.

But then, another storm came through and Rocky felt the mud slipping again! He tried again to hang on, but again, he couldn’t and tumbled down his beloved mountain back into the river below. This time he found himself even deeper!